Unified Communications Benefits Workers As Well As Businesses

Unified Communications Benefits Workers As Well As Businesses

blog-unified-communications-benefitsCombining multiple communications into a single solution can be a great benefit for businesses that need to connect teams and information to provide effective collaborative experiences. It helps connect everyone within the company, as well as partners, vendors and customers with the information and expertise they need. It makes sharing information from a desktop or mobile device as easy as making a phone call. This can be extremely beneficial not only for a business but for the workers withing the business. Here is a great article from ShoreTel that breaks down how your workers can benefit from unified communications.

When it comes to unified communications (UC), the idea is that all communications functions in an organization are unified to work seamlessly together on one common platform. However, this promise is now only being delivered due to recent advances in mobility.

As the workforce becomes more dispersed and remote, and expecting to work anywhere and from any device, UC has evolved to accommodate this evolution to become “Personal UC”, noted ZK Research in its white paper, Mobility Drives the Need for Personal Unified Communications.

“The new workplace is highly mobile and dictates that users have the ability to collaborate in real time from any location using any tool they wish,” the white paper states.

Read the full article here: https://www.shoretel.com/blog/how-workers-benefit-personal-unified-communications

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