The Contact Center Partner Award Goes To…

Inflow Communications! After ShoreTel evaluated 600 plus partners and integrators of contact centers worldwide, Inflow Communications is happy to be selected as the recipient of the prestigious ShoreTel Global Contact Center Partner award.

This award is based on customer satisfaction, project success, call center sales volume and the number of advanced certified engineers on staff, and it’s telling us we’re doing something right. We’ve made customer service a high priority because we can see as technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the needs of our users. Customers are now demanding more from technology than ever before. In addition to voice calls, Inflow Communications’ contact centers allow customers to interact with support experts via web chat, email, text, and other communication mediums.

Most importantly, we’ve recognized that contact centers need to be highly integrated into a business and its applications. We accomplish this with the use of database integration, self-help services, CRM screen pops and intelligent call routing based on call priority and agent skill.

Ever wonder how you can improve your call center? Give us a call – we can help!