On Site VoIP with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud: The Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl of Hybrid Unified Communications

By Travis Dillard, President of Inflow Communications

One of the major case-in-point examples that you don’t need to choose either an On Site VoIP or a Cloud communications model is using both at once. The On Site VoIP System with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud is a great example of ways you can benefit from both models and that there’s really no need to choose one over the other.

Eighty percent of this installation is similar to a traditional On Site / On Premises VoIP. Call processing, core Unified Communication applications and dial tone access reside on the local network(s) of the organization’s offices.

The most unique aspect of this model is that it allows you to consume various cloud-based Unified Communication applications on an “as needed” basis.

On Site VoIP with Unified Communications Applications in the Cloud

Examples of these applications include advanced mobility for smart phones, soft phones, contact center, fax server and application integration with CRM, and help desk systems. These features are turned on or off by administrators.  As an organization, you are only billed when the system is in use.

I detail this model as well as many other configurations in a free 13-page white paper: “Hybrid Unified Communications: The Alternative to Cloud VoIP and On Site / On Premise VoIP.” I offer key insights and case studies to help pinpoint the best model for your business needs – download the white paper and learn more today! After reading it, please don’t forget to leave me a comment below about which model you would think it best fit your business and why.

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