Knowing Good Signs from the Bad When Talking with Your UC Vendor

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

When choosing a UC vendor there’s a number of things to consider and many questions to ask both about your company and the potential vendor. Along the way, there may be some red flags that many customers miss. Here’s a few to look out for:

• Phone system integrators who have tried to evolve from installing and supporting traditional, digital technology to installing and support VoIP. They’ve tried to train the “legacy” phone technicians on IP networking and IT. I’ve rarely seen this work.

• Doing only a simple reference check on your vendor is almost worthless. The vendor is only going to give you their happiest customers.

• Too many IT providers make the mistake of adding VoIP services to their line card because it’s simply “another application on the network.” Along with installing network switches and fixing your PCs, they’re going to install and support your communication systems with as much success, right? WRONG!

• Don’t assume that because UC vendors that work with large, complex customers successfully, that they’re going to provide a smaller organization with the same level of success. Smaller companies generally have little or no IT personnel on staff. Because of this, they’re going to demand a much broader suite of services like day-to-day programming changes, non-phone system support for computer issues and working with the carriers for ticket resolution.

• Vendors with offices and people all over the country might mean they’re a large, slow, complacent provider that sells everything under the sun and has prohibitive support processes that ends up defeating the whole purpose of prompt, personal, accurate, expert service (carriers for example).

• If they don’t have examples of walking a way from a customer that wasn’t a good fit, and they “support any and every type of company.”

I discussed these red flags and other cautions when you’re choosing your UC vendor, in my webinar, The Number One Mistake When Choosing a Unified Communications Solution. Didn’t make it? Download the white paper that offers easy checklists, red flags and key questions to ask when choosing a UC vendor. Don’t forget to let me know what you think or if you have any questions! 

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