Getting on the Right Path: Uncovering Your Company’s Communication Needs

Getting on the Right Path: Uncovering Your Company’s Communication Needs

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

When you’re in the middle of a labyrinth, it’s hard to see how complex the maze really is. Your company’s communication needs are no different. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you determine the scale of complexity when it comes to your company’s communication needs. Try answering these questions to pinpoint your company needs from your communications vendor.

•  How complex are your company’s communication needs?

•  Can your company get by with generalist good support, or do you need specialists with good support? Note the common denominator is “”good support.”

•  Does your communication environment involve a Contact Center?

•  Are there unique application integration needs?

•  Are you integrating multiple disparate systems together like legacy phone systems, SIP gateways, fax servers and PCI-compliant call recording over a complex network(s)?

•  Are your call flows vast, disparate and complex or are you a single site with a basic auto attendant and simple user needs like making sure the phone rings and users can access voicemail?

5 or Less

If your communication needs are 5 or less on a complexity scale, you might be able to contract an organization that, among providing other technology support services, is a “part-time phone vendor” at a lower initial and ongoing price tag.

5 or Greater

If you answered 5 or greater, you need to focus on finding a specialist. You need to find a company that has at least 75% of their business deploying and supporting complex communications systems.

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