Fluidigm Corporation

The Problem

With rapid growth, the company’s communication system was unable to keep up with an expanding global presence. Their needs included:

  • A system that offered reliable operation and could connect seamlessly with the company’s CRM system.
  • Mobile smart device integration to help support Fluidigm employees who were increasingly performing work function while on the go.
  • Be budget friendly as the company was (at the time) not public; costs had to be kept at a minimum

The Solution

Following Inflow’s Signature 3 Point Communications Analysis, we were able to provide the support Fluidigm needed by leveraging a single system ShoreTel unified communications platform – this system offered:

  • Modular, fully redundant architecture that easily scaled to hundreds of locations and up to 20,000 endpoints on a single system
  • Management of the vast system could be handled with a simple web-based administrative interface from anywhere in the world
  • The new system could be rolled out in stages across all offices in San Francisco and Singapore

The Results

  • Created new opportunities to better serve customers and keep track of their transactions
  • MPLS bandwidth to Singapore increased 5x
  • A system that can be scaled to hundreds of locations and up to 20,000 handsets
  • Seamless mobile integration and “find me/follow me” capabilities for immediate contact with key personnel and improved customer service and organizational efficiency