Don’t Let Your Contact Center Fall Through the Cracks!

Key Points to Consider When Choosing a UC Vendor

By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

Too often people bundle Contact Centers and phone systems into the same category. If a vendor has a lot of experience with complex phone system deployments, they should have mastered Contact Centers, right? Absolutely not! They couldn’t be any more different.

All too often I’ve seen IT staff evaluate a phone system/contact center combination, pick and deploy a system and the project was a complete failure. They didn’t bother to involve the Contact Center stakeholders like the Customer Service or Marketing Managers. Unfortunately, these are often the most influential (powerful) in the company.

Your stakeholders who are responsible for the Contact Center (and in essence being primarily responsible for things like revenue and customer satisfaction) don’t care about the nice phone options and blinking lights. Don’t make that mistake. Get them involved EARLY in the process.

Unfortunately, most Unified Communications vendors I’ve come across don’t understand Contact Centers. It intimidates them. It’s an afterthought. They don’t understand the terminology and the many intricacies involved. They’re not sure how to engage in discussions and ask questions of leaders from marketing, sales, operations, customer service, etc. They underestimate the importance of things like application integration, reporting and agent engagement. They don’t understand how it makes a business function.

If you fall into this category, you need to partner with a vendor that deploys and support advanced Contact Centers every day.

Find out the key points to consider when looking for a vendor with contact center specialization and what to ask of your vendor in my white paper, The Number One Mistake When Choosing a Unified Communications Solution. Download it here for easy checklists, red flags and key questions to ask when choosing a UC vendor. You don’t want to make your next vendor decision without this guide! Don’t forget to let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

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