Cloud vs. Premise Unified Communication: Which Direction Should Your Company Go?

Cloud vs. Premise Unified Communication: Which Direction Should Your Company Go?

The industry has seen a much slower adoption of cloud-based Unified Communications than other applications. Although it’s the fastest growing segment of Unified Communications sales, it still continues to represent the minority. Premise-based Unified Communications growth has been declining by about 6% over the past three years, but still represents $5 Billion of the global IP Telephony market share. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) represents a much smaller market share, at about $1 Billion, but is growing year over year. Is this a trend that will continue? Will cloud flatten out too? A study released by Synergy Research predicts that UCaaS will represent about 50% of the market in five years. Even so, both premise and cloud communications are here to stay. Still, what direction should you go? What’s best for your organization? The answer depends. Every situation is different. Here is a quick guide to compare both Premise-based and Cloud-based Unified Communications:

Cloud or On Site Voip_Which Way Should I Go_

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