Fluidigm Corporation

The Problem With rapid growth, the company’s communication system was unable to keep up with an expanding global presence. Their needs included: A system that offered reliable operation and could connect seamlessly with the company’s CRM system. Mobile smart device integration to help…

What Small Businesses Need to Know Before Choosing a Unified Communications Vendor

In my recent white paper, I wrote about questions to ask about your company, including questions about the company size. A common misconception about Unified Communications is that its for large companies with vast contact centers geographically dispersed.

ShoreTel Connect Faces the Challenges of Working Globally On The Go

Which came first, working globally or working on the go? Either way, its definitely the way our work styles are moving towards and with it, our communications needs to be quick, easy and versatile.

Unified Communications Success is More than Just Technology

At Inflow, its easy to be deemed a technology geek. And its true ? we love the technology behind Unified Communications and are obsessed with delivering the best ShoreTel Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions for our customers.

A Thank You Note to (Unified) Communications

At Inflow, were grateful for a lot of things, and at the root of it, its all about communication. From communicating 24/7/365 with our customers, to our engineers communicating an innovative new product coming down the pike or simply, our ongoing communications and partnership with ShoreTel and other ShoreTel resellers throughout the country.
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Rethinking Your Unified Communications as Your Company Grows

If there’s one thing that remains constant, it’s change. And the work place is no different. Systems change, projects change, new people join a team while others leave to other departments or your company moves to a new location.

Knowing Good Signs from the Bad When Talking with Your UC Vendor

When choosing a UC vendor there’s a number of things to consider and many questions to ask both about your company and the potential vendor. Along the way, there may be some red flags that many customers miss.

Why Alignment with Your UC Vendor is the Key to Success

There are many UC vendors out there and making a decision can be difficult. If you only take one concept away from my white paper or the last month of blog posts, vendor and customer alignment would the be most important one.

Don’t Let Your Contact Center Fall Through the Cracks!

Too often people bundle Contact Centers and phone systems into the same category. If a vendor has a lot of experience with complex phone system deployments, they should have mastered Contact Centers, right? Absolutely not! They couldn’t be any more different.

Simple Questions Answer Critical Needs

You don’t want to start off a great system with a great vendor only to find out you’re not “covered” when disaster strikes. In many ways, choosing the right vendor is like choosing the right car or home insurance. If you live in Kansas, you’re probably not going to need hurricane damage but what about tornado damage?

How Special is Special? Evaluating Industry Specialization for Unified Communications

Every business has it’s own set of specialized needs. But how industry specialized is your business? Here are some helpful questions to think about.

The Importance of Asking Questions

Last week, we wrote about Heart of Service. It’s a baseline quality that both you and your UC vendor need to have. Besides sharing this with your vendor, it’s just as important to understand your company’s business needs and organization.