ShoreTel® Customer Loyalty is #1 With IT Decision-Makers

Did you know ShoreTel® is rated among the very highest IP telephony vendors when it comes to customer loyalty, service and value?

The high rating follows a recent study by Nemertes Research, a research-advisory and strategic-consulting firm that specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business value of emerging technologies. The study surveyed more than 500 IT decision-makers and influencers who were asked to identify, weight, and rate their primary providers of IP Telephony and Unified Communications.

Based on their results, ShoreTel® came out as THE top provider of all for Enterprise IP Telephony. Above every other vendor included in the survey! That’s big news, although here at Inflow we have always believed ShoreTel® is the #1 provider of premium business technology solutions.

ShoreTel® also scored extremely high in customer loyalty, value, and service, with the highest percentage of users who were planning on staying with ShoreTel® over the next two years.

We have found that it is ShoreTel®’s ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of customers and providing flexible solutions that will work for them. That’s why ShoreTel® offers both cloud-based Unified Communications and IP telephony with ShoreTel Sky, premise-based UC solutions that easily integrate with your business’ current CRM and ERP systems, or a unique combination of the two.

Combined with Inflow’s reputation in the industry for providing an extremely high level of customer service and support (and transparency, too! Visit Inflow’s Live Support Metrics page to see real-time results from actual, real-world customers!) paired with business technologies that are seriously changing the way businesses communicate, and you’ve got a winning pair!

Find out more about ShoreTel® Unified Communications and ShoreTel Sky.