New Brocade Disaster Recovery Platform Announced, Businesses Are Impressed

Earlier this week Brocade® Communications announced the company will offer a new extension platform that provides enterprises with faster recovery times for restoring data and applications after a disaster, or during routine backup and replication. The new platform will also extend Brocade® Fabric Vision Technology between data centers. These improvements will serve to automate monitoring and simplify troubleshooting, even over distances, to improve data performance and avoid unscheduled downtimes.

That’s exciting news for businesses that are more and more frequently tasked with keeping large amounts of data easily available for users. According to the company, up to 84% of enterprises today now require RPOs of less than 1 hour, and 78% of enterprises with RTOs of 4 hours or less!

The Fabric Vision Technology is unique to Brocade, and can now be extended between data centers to make it easier than ever before to manage multiple data centers from a single location. Many tasks required on a daily basis can be automated to make management simple and to increase productivity throughout the enterprise.

We look forward to the improved performance and flexibility the new Disaster Recovery platform will provide for Inflow clients ready to take on the new business challenges that are coming hand in hand with advantages from BYOD, Mobile, and Virtualization.

Want to know more? Contact your local Inflow representative to learn more about these and other Brocade Communications products.