Brocade Network Technology and Infrastructure

Technology Solutions for Network Infrastructure

Providing Brocade Communications products and applications, Inflow Communications builds a foundation your company rely on when moving forward in demanding data environments.

We want to provide you with a glimpse into the resources you will receive from Inflow’s Brocade technology offering.

Brocade VCS Technology

This is an innovative technology that helps reduce complexity and costs of your business network while providing unique ethernet fabric architecture. Used for data centers and cloud networking, Brocade VCS provides your business with competitive advantage by offering flexibility in architecture, infrastructure elasticity, and system management.

SAN Fabric Technology

With Brocade, companies receive Gen 5 (16 Gbps) fiber channel SAN solutions. Gen 5 fiber optics provides superior reliability, performance aimed towards future growth, and operational simplicity.

Software-Defined Networking

Providing a focus on network agility, SDN offers a flexible solution to software networking demands for your business. Business environments are dynamic, and the aim of SDN is to match the nature and requirements of your company with flexible and responsive technology.

Network Visibility

Brocade network visibility provides insights into your business’s network so you can make intelligent decisions. Better information allows operators to make better choices that enable you to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver a quality customer experience.

Wireless Mobility

Anytime anywhere wireless connectivity for your company and staff no matter the size of your operation. Brocade provides an agile deployment solution that is easily managed, reliable, and highly automated. This wired and wireless integrated system improves performance and eliminates the need and complexity of Spanning tree Protocols while reducing operational costs.

IP Storage Networks

10 GbE lossless connection provides high performance reliability and relieves network congestion. Through Brocade, you receive a streamlined mesh network storage environment that is faster and easier to manage.

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