New Technology Trends That Are Changing Business Forever

Technology never sleeps. In the year to come, this will prove even more true as information technology trends continue to move at a record breaking pace, bringing with them a host of new opportunities as well as potential troubles for those businesses unable or unwilling to adapt.

The Top 10 of these trends were outlined at the Gartner Symposium that took place last week in Orlando, Florida. Among some that seem familiar already (Internet of Things, anyone?) there were also some that were surprising–and exciting–for businesses everywhere.In general, we see the trends leaning towards a user-centric approach, for both digital business products and processes. Users are accessing the world in a completely different way than they were ten years ago, and businesses will need to keep up with that demand to stay relevant in the coming years.

Here we’ve selected a few of our favorite trends for 2015:

Gartner #4: Context-Rich Systems
As businesses shift to heavily virtualized environments and increasingly the Internet of Things, security is going to take center stage. Fast, proactive analytics (like Nimble Storage’s InfoSight™) are needed that allow businesses to act right away to keep business running as usual and important data safe and secure.

Gartner #7: Cloud/Client Architecture
Mobile computing, meet cloud computing. This is where applications live that can be delivered anywhere, to any device, making BYOD users everywhere do a happy dance as they realize their applications can be accessed simultaneously on more than a single device.

Gartner #8: Software-Defined Applications and Network Infrastructure
Predefined networks don’t mix well with the agility that’s required in today’s business environment. Frontrunners like Brocade Communications already know this, which is why they’ve provided us with Software-Defined networking solutions that support collaborative development and self-service innovation.

Other trends that made the list this year included:

  • Computing everywhere: The needs of the mobile user continue to push out of the box with smart technology that can be used across a range of environments.
  • 3D Printing: This is another one that’s been on the list for a while now, with biomedical, industrial, and consumer applications leading the pack as the technology continues to grow more affordable.
  • Smart Machines: Advanced algorithms are working towards machines that can learn on their own. Machines that can learn on their own… and then act on what they’ve learned!
  • Web-scale IT: Big players like Amazon, Facebook, and Google continue to change the face of IT forever.