Why Choose WLAN Network Deployment Without Controllers?

Inflow Communications offers a better approach to WLAN network deployment using Aerohive Network’s controller-less Wireless technology.

Aerohive technology utilizes “smart” access points for networks designed with built-in intelligence, allowing them to operate without a controller. This removes one of the most costly and difficult to manage components of a WLAN infrastructure, since controllers are often the most expensive pieces of equipment purchased when deploying a wireless network. Plus, the cost is typically not a one time investment.

Hardware, software, and network configuration is often highly complex, and continued maintenance is frequently required. Troubleshooting is difficult and often requires an IT professional to be called back in.

Controllers are physical pieces of hardware; if a network ever needs to be upgraded, a new controller is needed which adds to the price of investment for any company or organization. Controller based wireless networks also rely on the controller to consistently operate. In the event the controller malfunctions, the entire network can collapse.

Aerohive provides a new approach to network consistency, deployment, and expansion. With a controller-less solution, your network no longer hinges on the operation of a single component, making it a much more flexible option.

Access points with “smart” technology provide performance, mobility, availability, and security needed for large organizations. Expansion of a given network is performed by a simple plug and play of a new access point as software automatically detects the new access point and integrates it into the entire network.

Inflow Communications wants your company to discover a better approach to network deployment and management, as well as the reduced cost for installation and expansion.

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