ShoreTel® Mobility 8: Keep Employees Connected with Mobile-Enabled Video Conferencing

rp_541045_607272229287147_58372700_n-300x171.jpgShoreTel® is going big on mobile video conferencing this month with the release of major updates to its ShoreTel® Mobility 8 software.

The new ShoreTel® Mobility 8 integrates seamlessly with ShoreTel® Communicator so users can access video conferencing capabilities via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in addition to desktop applications. The integration reflects the rising demand for mobile applications and communication tools to provide Smartphone and tablet users with an experience that is up to par with the desktop user experience.

Users will now enjoy one-touch access for third-party web collaboration tools via virtualized ShoreTel® Mobility Router, and video conferencing access is not limited to single-party video sessions. Users can now access video calls over local or remote WiFi and cellular data networks.

Last week’s launch of the new ShoreTel® 8 showcases ShoreTel®’s leading position on Mobility and Virtualization, designing updates that provide the ultimate level of flexibility of deployment models so customers can select whatever implementation best meets their organization’s unique needs.

Want to learn more about ShoreTel®’s new Mobile Video Conferencing Capabilities? Contact your local Inflow representative today for more information.