Aerohive Wireless Networking Gets Strong Scores in New Gartner Research Report

Aerohive Networks got a nod from Gartner this last month in the Research Group’s report on wired and wireless LAN Access Infrastructure.

The access layer market is comprised of vendors who provide wired and wireless LAN hardware and software that provides the first connectivity to the infrastructure access layer, from the edge of the enterprise network to end users. Visionary status is given to the providers who show a completeness of vision when it comes to understanding current market needs as well as ability to anticipate the future direction of markets. A Visionary vendor has demonstrated an ability to increase product features to provide a differentiated approach to LAN Access Infrastructure.

It was noted in the report that Aerohive has continued to grow at a faster rate than the overall WLAN industry, especially in the education, retail, and healthcare market segments. This is due in large part to Aerohive’s competitive total cost of ownership, distributed architecture, and positive customer reviews.

At Inflow, we are proud to partner with Aerohive Networks to provide wireless networking products that support today’s changing business landscape.

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