New Video Tutorial Explores ShoreTel® Director Reporting Capabilities

Included as part of your new ShoreTel® unified communications, the ShoreTel Director is a web-based user interface dashboard designed to help you manage your system effectively.

The ShoreTel® Director allows you to manage your voice call routing, voicemail, auto attendant, and IM capabilities, and can be used to generate reporting for all your call details–including call volume, inbound calls versus outbound call traffic, and even user activity for a specific system user.

A new video tutorial from Inflow shows users where they can locate the reporting features to help you manage your unified communications with ease, and is part of a new 9-video series designed to help Inflow customers maximize the benefits of their ShoreTel® UC.

Click below to view the video now, or visit Inflow on YouTube to view any of our other video tutorials.