Want A Better Way to Manage Your Call Center? Try the ShoreTel® Call Recorder

Try this powerful tool to automatically record and archive your calls, even through call transfers and redirections!

ShoreTel Call Recorder

Overview of ShoreTel® Call Recorder Features:

  • Automatic recording of external calls continuing through call transfers and redirections
  • Persistent call recording captures ‘cradle to grave’ caller interactions including those with IVRs, VoiceMail, Hunt Groups, Workgroups, and other extension types
  • Flexible Call Record Profiles to effectively record what needs to be recorded
  • User control of Save/No Save and Pause/Resume of call recording
  • Pause/Resume support allows agent to not record sensitive information (e.g. customer credit card number,) thereby facilitating PCI compliance
  • Configurable Customer Stop Recording key
  • Automatic storage in multiple file systems and/or multiple ShoreTel® VoiceMail boxes
  • Custom folder & file names in call recording archives
  • Custom Subject: and From: fields in ShoreTel® Voicemail boxWeb-based Recorder Player
  • Convenient searching, downloading, and management of recordings
  • Playback via phone or computer
  • Player URL access allows recording links to be embedded within web based applications including Salesforce.com and Contact Center Interaction Viewer among others.

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