New Tools Help the Contact Center Evolve


We’ve all heard the horror stories about customer service calls that seem to go on forever and, in the end, are never really resolved so much as given up on out of frustration. We are happy to report that someone has been listening and is finally ready to do something about it.

We’re talking of course about the many recent improvements to contact center solutions that–at long last–are sharply focused on improving the customer experience.

It started with a move to multi-channel communications. Contact center interactions could now be addressed across phone, email, even social media channels! Life was good.

Things continued to look up when analytics began to play an increasing role in new enterprise contact solutions like the ShoreTel® Contact Center, allowing businesses to measure customer service performance against other business goals. This data became event more accessible for businesses (including sales and marketing teams as well as customer service segments) when ShoreTel® announced that it could now be completed integrated with the SalesForce CRM system, offering more information sharing across teams and offices.

Now ShoreTel® has taken the contact center to a whole new level by including the new ShoreTel® Call Recorder, a tool that allows contact center agents to record calls even when calls are transferred or redirected across departments. Additional flexibility with the ShoreTel® Call Recorder allows agents to pause recording to avoid recording sensitive customer data, and to top it off, URL recordings can now be embedded within web-based systems like SalesForce to keep track of data.

At long last, it seems the contact center has found its place at the top of the list of useful tools designed to help better serve, and retain, customers, creating opportunities not only for users but also empowering the agents whose job it is to serve them. The contact center has evolved.