What Does Virtualization Mean? Freedom, Reliability… and Savings (Not Necessarily in that Order)

With the recent release of ShoreTel® 14.2, the newest unified communications software has turned customized virtualization into a hot topic for IT business leaders and CIOs.


Customized virtualization from ShoreTel® means businesses are growing less dependent than ever on a one-size-fits-all approach to business communications. Instead, businesses can now leverage existing infrastructure and virtual resources to mix and match for unified communications that uses on premise hardware, virtual UC deployments, or both.

Why does that matter? To start with, virtualization can greatly reduce the upfront costs normally associated with on-premise unified communications solutions. Less hardware = less hardware to buy. Depending on the size of your business, alleviating some of those upfront costs can make a huge difference in whether or not unified communications is a good fit. Typical savings can range from 20-35% over a strictly on-premise UC system.

Virtual unified communication applications can also be much easier to operate and to manage, as all normal management can now be conveniently handled using one online management interface. Add to that the ability to easily scale your business communications up or down dependent on usage and that’s one beneficial virtualization package.

With on-premise UC, a typical business communications system has one single point of failure–the dial tone. In a virtual environment, there is no single point of failure for your system; redundancies are built into the system so that if one server should fail, another picks right back up so your service never goes down no matter what happens at the office.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Whether or not you want to virtualize your entire unified communications system or a few applications, the awesome engineers at Inflow will get your new system set up, tested, and ready to launch in no time, working closely with your own internal resources to configure your system to ensure best practices and QoS are implemented properly.

What can be virtualized? Every part of your system can now be virtualized, including:

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