Options Abound for Businesses Ready to Get Serious About Data Protection

There are few businesses today NOT talking about the importance of data protection and recovery in the digital age. In fact, a recent survey conducted by hybrid data storage provider Nimble Storage shows that 70% of businesses today believe that more than half of their data is critical to the success of their business, meaning if that data were to go missing, it would cause serious disruption to the business’s ability to function properly.

50% is no joke. Especially when these same respondents surveyed also responded that they now expect data recovery to happen in less than six hours. Six hours means any lost data needs to be restored in less than a single business day. The world moves fast, and data storage and data protection need to keep up.

Another shift that comes as the digital age continues to blossom into full adulthood is the rise in data protection for data that’s generated by virtualized applications. As more and more businesses become more comfortable with virtualized applications, the data generated by these is beginning to overtake data from non-virtualized applications.

That’s why solutions like Nimble are hard at work to protect these growing amounts of data faster. This requires data storage scalability and efficiency to store more data faster, and to recover it at a faster rate than ever before. Nimble’s hybrid data storage model does just that–with backups that happen almost instantly and data restorations that take minutes instead of hours to perform.

Inflow Total Protection is a simple process of installing and managing an agent utility on your own server. This will backup all your databases for your ShoreTel unified communications using full ES 256 bit encryption to protect your data even further.

If your system should fail–for any reason–the team at Inflow can help you restore your system via virtual or physical server. Our expert engineers will work with you directly to ensure continuity and monitor your backups.

Are you ready to protect your business and your customers? Contact your Portland, Seattle, or Bay Area Inflow team today to find out which solution will work for your company.