CRM Takes Center Stage in the Future of Digital

A report published this past February by research group Gartner has predicted an increasing role for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in upcoming digital initiatives for CIOs and IT leaders across a variety of industries.

This increase is directly related to growing business concerns about enhancing the customer experience across an ever-expanding multi channel environment.

Long gone, in other words, are the days when a phone call or even an email were the only avenues for assisting customers.

ShoreTel recently responded to these needs by adding the capability to fully integrate with the SalesForce CRM. The new integration allows businesses to enrich customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle by creating a rich mix of sales and marketing data (automatically logging all calls, voicemails, and SMS messages) that can be used to help direct later customer service and other interactions. An excellent new tool that helps both businesses and their customers is here.

Geographic distance is a fact of life these days, but one that no longer gets in the way of real-time interactions no matter where your teams are located. Here at Inflow, for instance, our Inflow representatives in Oregon, Washington, and California are all able to utilize real-time data to improve our ability to create happy customers from our sales and marketing introductions to customer service, allowing all of our geographically divergent teams to work as, well, a team.

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