ShoreTel® Integrates with SalesForce CRM to Improve Customer Service & Collaboration

Just when you thought your unified communications couldn’t get much better–improving collaboration and providing an opportunity to become more productive, more efficient,and more effective as a whole–ShoreTel® ups the ante by announcing business communications can now be fully integrated with the SalesForce CRM.

That’s big news, and the effect will be just as huge for businesses that take advantage of the new offering, now available for both premise-based unified communications as well as through ShoreTel Sky™.

The new integration promises to provide businesses with a truly holistic vision of how their company is doing, including a combined view of sales, marketing, and customer service efficacy. This newfound knowledge promotes deeper business intelligence through the automatic logging of all sales and customer service calls, voicemails, and SMS messages, tracking results while also providing customer service agents with a richer history of previous customer interactions.

That’s true for any member of your team, no matter where they are located. Customer service team in the Bay Area and your Sales folks in Oregon and Washington? No problem. Each interaction is carefully logged into SalesForce so your geographically distributed teams can collaborate in real-time.

Real time interaction has been a growing trend for the past several years, as previously siloed teams seek to serve a customer base that grows increasingly impatient with delays in service or other business interactions.

The key takeaways from the new ShoreTel® and SalesForce integration? Better reporting, better historical data, and proactive prompting combine to create a customer experience that delights!

Contact your Portland, Seattle, or Bay Area Inflow representative to find out how to put ShoreTel® and SalesForce to work for you!