Nimble’s InfoSight™ Gets Smarter


Yesterday, Nimble Storage announced important new developments for InfoSight™, Nimble’s data analysis and forensics engine. InfoSight works from the cloud in real-time to analyze millions of data points daily in every Nimble array, diagnosing problems and suggesting solutions to those problems long before they become critical.

The super smart InfoSight system replaces the hundreds of hours it once took IT staff members manually sifting through data to locate problem areas and the thousands of dollars they often had to spend hiring specialists to resolve them. InfoSight does all this analysis and diagnosis automatically and neatly correlates it.

And thanks to the new improvements announced yesterday, InfoSight is now even more intelligent.

Now Nimble customers can use InfoSight’s ability to correlate this data, to monitor and track how their storage arrays are performing with access to informative visual displays of key information and real-time alerts to potential problems.

Thanks to powerful components such as InfoSight, last month Nimble Storage announced they had reached the gold standard for reliability, with a collective uptime of over 99.999 percent.

And the best part is InfoSight is constantly becoming smarter. Every second that InfoSight operates it analyzes more data and grows more intelligent, ensuring reliable and innovative storage solutions.

Read the Press Release from Nimble Storage about InfoSight™.

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