Why Mobile UC Matters to Your Business


We’re all familiar with ShoreTel® unified communications as a great tool when it comes to creating more collaborative and productive work spaces, but not all companies are hip to the very nature of business communications, which is change at a rapid-fire pace.

As of 2013, 56% of American adults are your company’s Smartphone-using employees. 34% of those same adults also own a tablet device like an iPad or Nexus 7. These impressive figures are the reason the BYOD phenomenon has been at the top of newsfeeds for the last year.

The goals for BYOD are simple: Increase productivity among your staff, and cut the costs normally incurred when you need to supply your employees with all of their computer and mobile devices. BYOD works because employees are happiest when they are using their own devices. Oftentimes those devices also just happen to be at the top of their game when it comes to the latest technology.

What does that mean for unified communications?

The employees who choose to work on their own devices, or from locations other than the traditional workplace, need access to the very same productivity and collaboration tools that your employees have in the office. That means any device, whether those are provided by the company or are personal devices used for work AND play. It also means employees need to access all of their business communications no matter where they’re physically located–in the office (via awesome new additions like the ShoreTel® Docking Station), at home, in the coffee shop, on a beach–well, you get the picture.

The very best news is that everyone at Inflow knows how important mobility is to your business. That’s why Inflow offers ShoreTel® Mobility to help make integration with your business’s unified communications easy to install and to manage, making sure you have an efficient, productive, and happy workforce.