Nimble Storage IPO Proves the Sky is the Limit for Hybrid Data Storage Solutions

Nimble Storage IPO Proves the Sky is the Limit for Hybrid Data Storage Solutions

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Much of this success hinges on Nimble Storage’s new hybrid storage solutions, which leverage the speed of flash storage solutions with more affordable hard disk storage. According to company executives, the new hybrid model not only drastically speeds up storage and access to applications (up to ten times as fast in some cases!), it also takes a huge bite out of network storage costs at the same time. Faster access at a fraction of the cost? Yes, please!

In addition to speed and cost benefits, Nimble’s disruptive model also takes full advantage of the power of the cloud–using the cloud to monitor and manage storage systems, giving the company new opportunities to proactively engage with customers to solve, get this–not just actual system issues, but also potential network storage system issues that could cause problems down the road.

The large jump in trading figures could be a good sign that investors are liking what they have seen with the new offering, and Nimble Storage continues to see large demand growth in the month since it went public.

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