New ShoreTel® Contact Center Release Improves Multi-Channel Customer Support

New ShoreTel® Contact Center Release Improves Multi-Channel Customer Support

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Earlier today ShoreTel® announced the release of its newest ShoreTel® Contact Center 9 software. The new release is specifically designed for businesses with larger contact centers and multiple agents, though the new release continues to offer a feature set that will benefit contact centers of all sizes.

That’s good news for business contact centers as they work to create customer service that shines in what is quickly becoming known as the Age of the Customer. Customers today are more empowered than ever before, and are often turning to channels that go well beyond simple phone service in order to get their issues resolved.

Today’s customers now have the option to address questions or issues using:

  • Email
  • Voice Calls
  • Web-based chat and Instant Messaging

The new ShoreTel® Contact Center makes this very simple, with new technology that allows call center managers to fine-tune the number of calls an individual agent can support to provide added flexibility while ensuring all customer needs are met in a timely fashion. Agents are now more easily able to balance calls as volumes fluctuate, and integration between chat and email provides a smoother multi-channel customer journey.

The added functionality of the ShoreTel® 9 release joins other popular contact center features like real-time reporting and CRM integration to create a full service package that offers a much more robust tool for customer service.

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