Guest Interview with Randy Marcotte, President of Perfect Video Conferencing

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This week we got the chance to have an interview with Randy Marcotte, President of Inflows Video Conferencing Partner Perfect Video Conferencing!

Randy didnt have the most straightforward path to business communications entrepreneurship. In fact, he began his professional journey in the world of nonprofits, only later moving to telecommunications and AT&T as an account executive. It was during this time that Randy witnessed the rise and subsequent fall of the boom, and was genuinely surprised by its churn and burn business model that seemed to disregard customer satisfaction almost entirely

A self-confessed people pleaser, Randy found himself increasingly excited by the idea of creating a business whose culture was sharply focused on the customer. While Perfect Video Conferencing helps businesses of all sizes, it was with small and mid-sized businesses that Randy initially began to see his dream take form.? Luckily one of his customers, Pixel River and its owner John Killcommons had the same vision.? Together John and Randy founded Perfect Video and have grown steadily by staying focused on the customer.

I was managing a sales teams for ShoreTel resellers and helping them grow. The telecom industry was quickly moving towards cloud services for phones. This reduced the necessity for expensive infrastructure and made the technology more accessible to everyone, no matter where they were physically located. John and I saw this model and recognized an opportunity that could also extend to video.


And thus Perfect Video Conferencing was born. Randy opted for a Managed Services VAR business model because he wanted to harness the powerful range of available options for video conferencing but also wanted to simplify it for users in order to create wider accessibility.

There is such a huge variety of options available for video conferencing, it can feel overwhelming pretty fast for businesses, he says. Perfect Videos goal was to build a bridge that can connect businesses with the technology while making it as easy as possible to implement and support.

Randys business partner, John Killcommons, had the deep technical expertise that could make such a proposition feasible, and together the two opened doors for Perfect VC in 2009.

Businesses looking for a video conferencing solution, says Randy, are not able to keep up with the rapid changes in technology ? theyre really looking for help deciding whats right and a solution that will help them enhance their business, communications and flexibility for employees. Thats what leads to better quality of life for employees and a better relationship with customers and vendors.

Our role isnt to interject new technology into their lives, its to provide technology that helps take business as usual and make it better, says Randy.

This dedication to easier business communications is reflected throughout Perfect Video Conferencing. With up to 35 agents at a time from locations in several different states, video conferencing allows the company to maintain tight communications while also allowing greater flexibility and a better work/life balance for employees.

We use the technology for our weekly meetings and we record these for anyone whose schedules conflict, so they can review the meetings at a time thats convenient for them.

In the future, Randy says, he expects adoption of technologies like video conferencing to increase for all, not just large corporations who can afford purpose-built conferencing rooms costing tens of thousands of dollars. These technologies will continue to see a reduction in the need for specialized resources to manage them.

What once required specialized IT resources to install and manage will now be open for everyone.

Quick CASE STUDY: The Diocese of Monterey

Over the course of a 3-year period, Perfect Video has rolled out a long-term video conferencing implementation that now includes 10 parishes with video conferencing capabilities within the Diocese.

By implementing and supporting a fully managed video conferencing solution, Perfect Video has made it possible for the Diocese to conduct training across broad geographical distances from one single meeting. This in turn has created a huge increase in satisfaction in the training process as well as a massive cultural shift within the organization.

We started with one meeting, says Marcotte. Over the past three years the Diocese has moved to a plan in 2014 where ALL internal training is conducted via video.

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