Cloud Unified Communications and Mobility are Big Wins for Businesses in 2013

Cloud Unified Communications and Mobility are Big Wins for Businesses in 2013


The key benefits of a hosted unified communications solution like ShoreTel Sky include reduced need for upfront capital expenditures traditionally found when implementing a new unified communications system, and added flexibility that improves access points for businesses.This allows their system to easily up or down depending on usage needs.

Updates and upgrades are also made much simpler, as these are generally built into the monthly subscription-style of service available with hosted unified communications.

ShoreTel® has made the switch even easier on businesses by paying careful attention to the need for mobile options as integral aspects of all unified communications products. ShoreTel Mobility allows users to access unified communications benefits using whatever device is preferable for them, whether that’s your desktop, Smartphone or Tablet device. New innovations like the ShoreTel® Docking Station add even greater flexibility so that users now have all the traditional comforts of premise unified communications while using their mobile devices.

In 2014, we expect the shift to mobile unified communications and hosted unified communications solutions like ShoreTel Sky to continue to take off, leaving businesses in the excellent position of giving their employees greater freedom while also making business communications an impactful element of organizational success.