Align Needs with Technology for Best Unified Communications Experience


Unified communications is awesome. Combining voice, e-mail, IM, video and even mobile devices with a single interface streamlines business communications on the whole and provides a platform to improve internal collaboration and enhance customer service.

But unified communications is at its very best when thoughtful consideration goes into aligning the technology of a new system with the current and future needs of a business.

It’s simple in theory but, surprisingly, often overlooked when it comes time to research a new business communications system.

That’s why Inflow offers our Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis, a rigorous process designed to ensure any new system you purchase takes into account the needs of your business, your customers, and your employees. In short, a system needs to work for the people who actually use it. It should be designed to make their lives easier, to improve their communication and daily workflow to enrich your business on the whole.

Inflow’s 3-Point Communication Analysis will help you identify your top business needs and then design a system that directly addresses these needs. We take the time to talk to all the people who will be affected by a new system, to make sure any new unified communications system is custom built to their unique specifications..

Curious how your business can benefit from a new ShoreTel® unified communications system? Talk to any of our Portland, Seattle, or Bay Area Inflow team members to get started with your own 3-Point Communications Analysis today.