Why Companies Are Choosing the Cloud for Customer Service

Why Companies Are Choosing the Cloud for Customer Service


For the past two years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in companies who are not only opting to move to hosted VoIP phone system, but are also increasingly choosing to move their contact centers to a hosted solution as well.

So why the big shift? Well, truth is there are several factors at play that are causing people to enlist the aid of a fully hosted, fully managed contact center solution.

Contact centers today are often required to be online and available to customers 24 hours a day, and must be able to respond in real-time to customer questions or to resolve customer issues. To make this possible, a large amount of customer data often needs to be accessed by agents. Cloud contact centers and call centers are easily integrated with other important tools like CRM databases to make this access much easier on agents, therefore giving them the opportunity to better serve customers.

Likewise, a cloud contact center offers a large amount of flexibility for businesses. One of the key benefits of a hosted communications system is the scalability it allows. When holiday sales peak, a cloud contact center solution can easily expand to add new lines of service and set up new agents quickly. During slower times, a cloud system can be reduced to avoid potential waste of resources.

Today’s cloud call center solutions like ShoreTel Sky™ hosted contact center offer better tools to help monitor and improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction levels. On top of that, a fully hosted, fully managed system allows organizations to free up important internal IT resources that can be used effectively for other areas of the business.

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