BYOD Made Easy with ShoreTel® Mobility

BYOD Made Easy with ShoreTel® Mobility

ShoreTelDock_iphone_active+call_ipad_v_buddy+list+w-sessionsThe phenomenon known as BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device) is getting increasing attention of late as more employers (and their employees!) begin to adopt the notion that allowing personal mobile and smart devices to use for work can have its benefits, despite the inherent challenges of keeping important data secure.

For many employers, BYOD is viewed as a tool that can both improve employee productivity and raise employee morale at the same time. Employees using their own devices are also more likely to update their devices more frequently, ensuring they have the most up-t0-date applications in place. Additional benefits may come from the cost savings of removing the necessity of providing corporate devices for employees.

But perhaps most important is the simple fact that BYOD doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With the huge amount of mobile and smart devices out there, it’s no wonder employees would often prefer to use their own iPhone over an older company-provided device.

There is plenty of good news for employers and employees alike – we’ve been listening! That’s why we are so happy to be able to provide ShoreTel® Mobility that makes mobile unified communications simple and easy to integrate. Today, you can use your mobile and smart devices to inegrate seamlessly with your enterprise unified communications applications and unified communications infrastructure to give you access to Presence, conferencing and even IM capabilities.

With new tools like the recently released ShoreTel® Dock, users can now have a full desktop experience using their smart devices, providing high quality voice with a handy charging station to conduct your business. Now you can take advantage of ShoreTel unified communications, no matter what device you’re using.

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