Who Benefits Most From Hosted VoIP & Cloud UC?


There are many organizations that have already benefited by adding a hosted VoIP or cloud UC solution for their business communications needs, but not all businesses are alike; some may have more to gain by going with a hosted solution than others.

So just which companies stand to gain the most by turning to hosted VoIP business services? We’ve outlined some of the top contenders here.

1. Geographically distributed companies and workers: Companies that are lucky enough to have several locations in various geographic areas stand to gain a lot by going with a hosted unified communications solution like ShoreTel Sky®–those that have workers distributed throughout this system and virtually will find hosted unified communications offer a wide degree of flexibility while providing these workers with all the resources they need for effective collaboration.

2. Organizations with shifting employee resources: One of the key benefits of a hosted VoIP solution is scalability. Need to add a large number of employees to the system? No problem. And removing these employees for seasonal or other organizational fluctuations is just as easy with hosted unified communications, making your system management much easier to handle.

3. Companies looking to stay at the forefront of new business communications technology:  By opting for a hosted unified communications or VoIP business phone system, companies remove the necessity for expensive investments in  on-site system hardware, freeing up resources and making it easy to upgrade as new technology becomes available.

Is your company ready for hosted business communications? Learn more about the many options available for ShoreTel®’s  premise-based unified communications or ShoreTel Sky® hosted unified communications. Contact your Portland, Seattle, or Bay Area ShoreTel® representative today.