Three Contact Center Trends to Watch

Three Contact Center Trends To Watch

Customers today have more voice than ever before, which means that new and innovative ways to meet their needs will also continue to appear on the horizon. Any company worth its salt will want to stay abreast of the latest trends in contact centers and customer service in order to retain its base of customers. Here, we outline a few of the trends we recommend keeping an eye on throughout the end of the year and into 2014:

Trend #1: The move to the cloud.

Cloud-based communications services, much like cloud computing, are on the rise (no pun intended) and have been for the past several years. Hosted contact center solutions make it easy to turn your call center into an enterprise application that can be accessed from multiple locations. Cloud-based contact solutions are also making it easier than ever to track interactions and integrate with CRM systems for better customer interactions.

Trend #2: Crossing the touchpoint divide.

Today’s customer journey crosses multiple touchpoints, and businesses that can offer a great experience for the entire journey will have the advantage over those who focus solely on one channel or another. Contact centers need to ensure that whatever the touchpoint, the overall customer experience remains consistent (and consistently good).

Trend #3: Keeping it real-time.

Real time monitoring and reporting capabilities will continue to be an important growth area for many contact center solutions, giving customer service agents the information they need to better meet customer needs, improve performance, and get customers to the person that can help them with their individual needs.

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