Two Easy Steps to Prepare Your Network Infrastructure for Unified Communications


All the bells and whistles you install can only do so much if you suffer from poor voice or video quality. In order to successfully upgrade your current system to unified communications that support your voice, video, email and more, you need to be sure your network infrastructure can properly support it.

What can you do to ensure your system is ready?

Know Your Requirements.

Before you install any new network infrastructure or make upgrades to your current system, it’s important to really know and understand your system requirements. How you plan to use a new ShoreTel® unified communications system will play a huge role in planning your network infrastructure architecture. It’s important, therefore, to know the number of applications, frequency and volume of calls, and any other usage the system will need to support.

It’s also important to understand the requirements of an IP phone system as opposed to a traditional PBX system. You will need enough bandwidth to deliver sufficient throughput while also meeting latency and jitter requirements for the best voice quality. You will need to understand how much bandwidth will be required for each additional application you plan to utilize with your unified communications.

Get an Assessment.

Plan on having your network infrastructure assessed prior to choosing a new system. This will help you verify the performance of your system and identify any potential trouble areas that might affect your new unified communications system down the road. A proactive approach will pay off with better Quality of Service in the future, making you a company hero.

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