ShoreTel®’s New DECT is Coming Soon

DECT Phone Sideview

Ideally suited for users looking for a full telephony feature set along with in-building roaming capabilities, the IP930D allows users to step away from their desks without losing the ability to manage incoming inquiries or monitor shared extensions.

The ShoreTel® IP Phone 930D Solution is a state-of-the-art DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) system that seamlessly adds wireless handsets to any Shoretel® installation running ShoreTel® 14 or later software.

Easy to deploy and use, the IP930D system offers a handset display that emulates the user interface of the ShoreTel® IP Phone 230 models, making it familiar for many users.

The DECT frequency band means excellent voice quality and no need to worry about radio interference with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices. DECT offers highly secure communication using a worldwide standard of advanced algorithms for voice and data encryption, ensuring that conversation is protected against eavesdropping.

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