Inflow Announces New Partnership with LiveOps Cloud Contact Center


Earlier this week,

LiveOps contact center adds social media monitoring and response and a smooth transition across various customer service channels using an integrated dashboard that empowers both customers and customer service agents. LiveOps’ cloud contact center was created to serve modern-day customers who no longer wish to rely solely on traditional customer service channels such as phone and email.

The new partnership adds multi-channel customer service and support capabilities to Inflow’s other unified communications and VoIP business communications products. These communications products are designed to improve internal workflow and collaboration for medium to large enterprises.

“Inflow is built on the belief that helping customers prepare today will create continued success in the future,” says Inflow Communications President Travis Dillard. “Our customers realize that business communications can offer real competitive advantage as part of an organization’s business strategy. This new partnership with LiveOps cloud contact center is another way we can support that.”

The new partnership is part of Inflow’s own recent growth, as the company has not only expanded to the Bay Area this year, but also added several other new product offerings including the new Inflow Freedom solution, a unified communications model offering greater flexibility for both on-premise and cloud-based unified communications customers.

The LiveOps cloud contact platform brings customer-focused communication to the forefront of all business departments, and is an attractive option for best-in-class organizations with high service demands and goals. With LiveOps unique dashboard, customer service agents are empowered to provide better customer service across all channels, including email, social media, and mobile.