Moving Beyond Phone Systems to Create Strategic Business Communications


With today’s rapidly evolving business technologies, your possibilities for a communication system can feel endless.

But at Inflow, we believe that real results require big picture thinking, the kind that doesn’t just offer you a phone line but also offers you a plan to help you move forward and help improve your business.

It’s also important to consider just how you want to support your internal staff. How will you ensure they have the tools they need to create future sales, customer service that promotes higher customer retention rates and improves your company’s image, and more internal collaboration?

These are the questions that Inflow Communications answers for our customers. It’s also why we offer a suite products that we believe to be the best available tools on the market to turn these wish lists into reality.

This is why we offer Inflow’s customers in Portland, Seattle and the Bay Area ShoreTel’s unified communications solutions that provide integration across all of your communications channels, from voice and instant messaging to email and video conferencing.

It’s also why we have partnered with LiveOps in order to offer our new Cloud Contact Center, a new integrated solutions that offers multi-channel support as well as creating new opportunities to support your customers with social media monitoring and social customer service capabilities.

Getting started is easy! With Inflow’s Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis, we make it easy to determine where your business is today and to understand the full costs associated with a new system. We also offer an actionable plan for moving beyond a phone system towards a fully realized communications strategy that supports your customers, employees and your business as a whole.

Contact your Inflow representative today to start turning your business communications into effective business strategy.