New ShoreTel® Dock Offers Improved Mobile Unified Communications Experience


This week ShoreTel® announced the arrival of the new business-grade ShoreTel® Dock, a hardware device that combines iPhones and iPads with ShoreTel®’s Mobility App to offer users the convenience and ease of a desktop phone.

Pretty cool, right? The new ShoreTel® Dock will make it easier than ever for mobile users to get the full ShoreTel® Unified Communications experience while using their Apple phone or other mobile device. All users will need to do is plug the phone or device into the ShoreTel® Dock for instant access to prolonged, always charging mobile batteries as well as the call quality more often associated with their desktop counterparts.

The new ShoreTel® Dock is expected to boost the popularity of the already popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, making it a viable option for more users looking to integrate to a single device for their personal and professional use, making the days of carrying around 2-3 phones or business communication devices a thing of the past.

The new  ShoreTel® Dock hardware integrates seamlessly with the ShoreTel Mobility app as well as conferencing applications, giving users full access to their entire Enterprise Unified Communications including video conferencing, phone, e-mail and more.

Want to learn more about the new product release? Contact Inflow’s Portland, Seattle or Bay Area ShoreTel® representatives today to learn more about integrating the new ShoreTel dock with your unified communications system.