Go Further with Inflow’s Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis


Sure, there are plenty of companies out there providing VoIP business phone services. But there’s a lot more to creating a communications strategy than a telephone.

That’s why, at Inflow, we’ve learned to do things differently. In fact, that’s why we offer Inflow’s Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis to assist our customers.

What is the 3-Point Communications Analysis? A full economic analysis conducted by Inflow’s Seattle, Portland, and Bay Area ShoreTel® providers. Upon completion, your account manager will provide an executive summary that  outlines exactly what a ShoreTel® unified communications system can do for your business. Get detailed information about cost savings, areas where efficiences can be gained, and the total cost of ownership of a new ShoreTel system. We’ll let you know upfront exactly how a new unified communications system from ShoreTel® will affect your business’ cash flow and how long it will take to see ROI. Knowledge is power, and with Inflow’s Signature 3-Point Communications Analysis, you’ll have all the tools you need to make an informed decision.

The Executive Summary will also include a step-by-step plan for graduating to a new system. Experienced ShoreTel® engineers will create a custom migration solution that reduces the risk of interruption moving to a new system.

And this is just the beginning. Our sincere promise to Inflow customers is to continually improve our product offerings and to consistently provide the very best customer service from initial contact throughout the lifecycle of your unified communications system.

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