Release of ShoreTel® 13.2 Expands SoftPhone and Windows 8 Support

Release of ShoreTel® 13.2 Expands SoftPhone and Windows 8 Support

ShoreTel Unified Communications software

ShoreTel’s latest software package, the ShoreTel 13.2, is now available for general release!


The new ShoreTel® unified communications software includes enhanced audio supported by the WebRTC open source project, designed to provide users improved audio data transfers to reduce delays, jitter and potential loss of audio data.

The ShoreTel® 13.2 will also include additional support for Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise, as well as Internet Explorer 10.

The new unified communications software is currently available for general release, and will ship with all new orders. It is also available for system upgrades.

We now offer ShoreTel® 13.2 unified communications for all Inflow customers! Check with your Seattle and San Francisco ShoreTel® representatives or Portland unified communications experts today to learn how you can add ShoreTel® 13.2 to complete your business communications strategy.


We will be out of the office on Friday, July 3rd, 2020, in observance of Independence Day. During this time, our emergency on-call will be able to handle any system outages or emergency issues that arise. For non-emergency issues, we will be back in the office on Monday, July 6th, 2020.