Meet Our Team! Inflow Communications Seattle-Area Enterprise Account Executive Jenna Swikard

Seattle, Washington may be a far cry from the sunshine and beaches of her hometown of Agoura Hills, California, but Inflow Communications Enterprise Account Executive Jenna Swikard doesn’t seem to mind the change in the seasons.

“Working in Seattle is amazing!” says Jenna. “There are so many opportunities here for business; it’s the perfect city to accelerate my career in telecommunications.”

“And the view of Lake Washington isn’t so bad, either.”

Jenna joined the Inflow Communications’ Seattle ShoreTel® sales team in the spring of 2012 following four years as Market Director for local ISP Cbeyond. Ready for new professional challenges, an introduction from a mutual friend to Inflow Communications President Travis Dillard led to opportunity when Jenna discovered the Inflow team was actively looking for a Washington ShoreTel® sales representative.

“It was a perfect fit,” says Jenna.

We couldn’t agree more! But, as we found out during our interview with Jenna, a career in sales happened almost by chance:

“When I graduated college, to be honest, I was not sure what I wanted to do,” Jenna tells us. “A family friend recommended that I work for Cbeyond as a sales representative because he thought it would be a great stepping stone for me.  I never imagined myself doing sales but I ended up excelling in my position and loved the fact that the harder I worked, the more money I made!”

When asked about her decision to put her skills to work for Inflow Communications in the Seattle area, Jenna was enthusiastic about Inflow’s organizational dedication and clear focus on providing one excellent product for their customers – ShoreTel® Unified Communications.

“Inflow is a very special company. Although we are somewhat small in size, we are all experts in our industry,” Jenna says. “I love the fact that we focus on one product so that we can call ourselves experts rather than attempting to sell a number of different products which would dilute our focus.”

“This enables us to focus on maintaining happy customers. We saw this reflected just this year with a recent award from ShoreTel® that ranked us as one of the top 30 ShoreTel® resellers in the world as it pertains to customer service!”

When she’s not hard at work creating happy Seattle ShoreTel® customers, Jenna enjoys working out at the gym, cooking, trying out Seattle’s expansive dining scene, and traveling with her husband.

Looking for a Seattle ShoreTel® unified communications solution that’s the perfect fit for your organization? Get in touch with Jenna today to find out more about Inflow’s Executive Communications Analysis with our Signature 3-Point Needs Analysis.