Vidyo® Wins Global Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award

Vidyo® Wins Global Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award


HD Video Conferencing provider Vidyo®, Inc. announced this week that the company has received the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award, an award that places Vidyo® front and center as a global video conferencing leader. The award was given following an evaluation of the top 3 global conferencing providers.

The award comes just two months after Vidyo® released the video conferencing company’s new Vidyo Executive Desktop™ system, designed to provide greater interoperability between new and legacy conferencing systems as well as greatly improved resolution for a better user experience.

The Video Conferencing Technology Leadership Award Judgement Criteria include:

  • Developmont of new technology
  • Leverage of new technology
  • Brand perception
  • Customer value

Congratulations, Vidyo®! This is quite an honor, and shows that Vidyo® is not only a provider but also a major innovator within the video conferencing industry, one that continues to work to make video conferencing a universal technology.

At Inflow Communications, we include Vidyo® HD video conferencing  products as part of our ShoreTel® Unified Communications solutions, from Seattle to San Francisco, because of Vidyo’s high quality video experience and scalable technology that offer greater deployment flexibility options.

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