Making the Call Center More Productive with ShoreTel®’s Call Center Solutions

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Global Biotech Tools company Fluidigm Corporation has two offices in San Francisco and Singapore;  maintaining a reliable enterprise communication system for the two distant locations is crucial for the company’s success. After completion of a 200-seat ShoreTel® Unified Communications system at Fluidigm’s San Francisco offices, Inflow  staff traveled to Singapore to complete installation of a ShoreTel® web and audio conference bridge to help the company reduce conference call expenses and improve collaboration with Fluidigm vendors, customers and employees worldwide.

But that’s not all. The new installation at Fluidigm’s San Francisco Headquarters included the addition of a helpful call center application complete with integration. The application improves efficiency while giving Fluidigm customers a higher quality customer service experience with the added benefit of a SalesForce “screen pop”, giving customer service representatives access to more complete customer information to help solve issues more quickly.

Adding a call center application to your Unified Communications can not only help save costs, but can also be a major benefit to your customers as they receive higher levels of service resulting from improved access to services as well as improved internal communication of various service departments.

Contact Inflow to learn more about ShoreTel®’s contact and call center solutions for its Unified Communications and find out how you can create a better customer service experience for your customers today.