Back to Basics: Top Four Reasons to Choose a ShoreTel® Unified Communications System

Back to Basics: Top Four Reasons to Choose a ShoreTel® Unified Communications System

As the year winds down (just hours to go until 2013!) we want to give our visitors Not an exhaustive list, mind you, but a bare bones peek at what we see as the key ingredients for success when you purchase a ShoreTel® Unified Communications system:

  1. Upgrades and updates are simple and easy. Really easy. Purchasing any new technology can be an alarming time. Will we be out of date in a year? How can we maintain a system that’s optimized to function well now and in the future? With ShoreTel® Unified Communications, that process is incredibly simple. You’ll be ready to upgrade right away, as new features and software become available. Which is fairly often since ShoreTel® also does a wonderful job of constantly improving features.
  2. High ratings from independent sources. Not only does ShoreTel®’s Unified Communications offer plenty of cool features, it’s also highly regarded by independent, outside sources who know what they are doing. Like well respected research group Gartner, Inc. Over the past several years, Gartner has given ShoreTel® some of the highest ratings available based on ShoreTel®’s overwhelming commitment to customers and affordability, as well as its ability to differentiate from competitors.
  3. ShoreTel® Unified Communications and Robust ShoreTel® Call Center SolutionsThe call center can be one of the most important lines of communication between you and your customers. Unified Communications from ShoreTel® has improved the contact call center experience, improving both external communication with customers and internal communication between employees which lead to an overall extension of better customer service. That’s something that benefits everyone.
  4. Customer service and support aren’t just buzzwords for ShoreTel®. ShoreTel® and reselling partners like Inflow Communications take customer support and service very, very seriously. As a result, at Inflow we are happy to report a 98% satisfaction rating among current customers. From initial training and support to follow-up visits designed to reinforce employee training, a Unified Communications system from ShoreTel® is the gift that keeps giving throughout the entire year.

Find out more about ShoreTel® Unified Communications and VoIP business phone solutions today. And from all of us at Inflow, we wish you a very Happy New Year!!



We will be out of the office on Friday, July 3rd, 2020, in observance of Independence Day. During this time, our emergency on-call will be able to handle any system outages or emergency issues that arise. For non-emergency issues, we will be back in the office on Monday, July 6th, 2020.