ShoreTel® Announces New Unified Communications Software Version 13

ShoreTel® announced its most impressive Unified Communications software to date this month with the release of ShoreTel® 13.

The new ShoreTel® 13 Unified Communications software boasts a host of additional features, particularly around enhanced Instant Messaging and Video capabilities.

What does that mean for Inflow Communications customers? The new version now offers users instant messaging as a standard feature for all systems, giving everyone access at no additional cost and with the option to leverage standards-based IM servers or previously installed technologies.

Using ShoreTel Communicator, customers can also take advantage of version 13’s improved video conferencing functionality that allows users to communicate via video conferencing from desktop or laptop computers for better remote access.

But perhaps the biggest news in the updated release comes in the form of support for open standards and products on SIP, XMPP and H.264, signalling a move by ShoreTel® towards open interfaces and third party integration from other communication solutions providers.

Unified Communications systems from ShoreTel® offer the simplicity of a single solution designed to integrate all of your business communications.

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