Unified Communications and Application Integration

I’m always stressing to my customers that they need to leverage their business phone system as a business-productivity tool. As you begin your research to replace your phone system, don’t just see it as an office-commodity product (like a fax machine); try to understand how the technology can align itself with your business. Along with leveraging your new VoIP phone system for voice, video, presence management, Instant Messaging, etc, how can it possibly integrate to your business applications?

Can you recognize your callers by doing a database “dip” based on caller ID and bring up the client’s record to an agent before they even answer the phone? The answer is yes. Can you “time-stamp” call activity automatically in a customer’s CRM record? Yes. Can you provide by-the-second billing information to your billing software automatically regardless if your employees are servicing your clients from their desk phone or a mobile device? Yes you can. Can you automatically make outbound calls to patients to remind them of scheduled appointments by integrating to your scheduling software? Of course!

Inflow Communications is a Portland, Oregon-based company specializing in business communications technologies – including VoIP, Unified Communications, and Video Conferencing. We can also assist you in determining if your network is adequately prepared for real-time communications applications.