What’s New with ShoreTel® Release 12?

ShoreTel® now supports up to 20,000 users under a single system image.

ShoreTel® Releases the SA-100 Appliance. This appliance hosts the latest ShoreTel® web and audio conferencing application with provides additional features like secure Instant Messaging, desktop sharing, Outlook™ scheduling integration, and recording.

ShoreTel® Releases Communicator for Mac!
This is a native Mac OS application that provides telephony control, voicemail configuration, presence management, dialing directly from the Mac address book, importing contacts from the Mac address book, and notification of incoming voicemails.

Communicator Presence indication in Microsoft® Outlook and Word™: this newly added feature allows users to initiate a call or an IM conversation, or to flag for changes based on presence information. This works in Outlook 2007 – 2010 and Word 2007 – 2010.

ShoreTel® Communicator is now supported with Office 2010.

Server-based call history: Now a user’s PC can be turned off or the Communicator application shut down and history data is still captured. This is because all call history for a user’s extension is now stored on the ShoreTel® director server.

Currently, ShoreTel® 12 is in Controlled Release and only available to new customers. Version 12 should be Generally Available (GA) in the September timeframe. Consult with Inflow’s support team at support@inflowcomm.com if and when you think it makes sense for your organization.