Unified Communications and Mobility – The Death of the VoIP Handset Part 3

I’m very excited about ShoreTel®’s mobility products.  Beyond a potentially very quick ROI, it has the following benefits:

  • A client that runs on Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and DROID (the DROID support coming soon).  This client allows you to set presence management (in the car, in a meeting, at home, at the office, etc) that all other users on your business phone system can see (regardless if they’re mobile or not).
  • Your presence can automatically change depending on your physical location (accomplished by GPS technology).  You can turn this off (big brother?)
  • The ability to dial extension-to-extension directly from your Smart Device. This “extension” can be an extension on your business phone system, another Smart Device, or both.  Does it really matter anymore?  You should only have one number or extension, the device you’re using for VoIP transmission is becoming a moot point these days.
  • The ability to use the native dialer on your Smart phone, not have to launch a goofy VPN connection back to your corporate network, or not have to open a separate application on your Smart Phone.
  • The ability to send corporate caller ID associated with your VOIP business phone system if you’re calling a work contact or send personal cellular caller ID if it’s a personal contact.

By the way, ShoreTel®’s Mobility solution works with any business phone system – NEC®, Cisco®, Avaya®, Mitel®, etc.

This is all done with a ShoreTel® Mobility Router that interfaces with your business phone system and a client that runs on the Smart Device.  If you have a VoIP phone system, we can integrate via SIP trunks. If it’s a legacy phone system, we can integrate via PRI.


Travis Dillard is the President of Inflow Communications.  Inflow Communications is a Portland, Oregon-based company that designs, deploys, and supports enterprise-class VOIP, business phone systems, and Unified Communications solutions to businesses throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.