Unified Communications and Mobility – The Death of the VOIP Handset Part 2

ShoreTel has just released their “ShoreTel Mobility” suite of products. This provides the following functionality:

  • Your Smart Phone becomes a secure SIP VOIP Extension off your corporate PBX over any Wi-Fi network (home, corporate, public hot spot, etc) or your mobile carrier’s data network. The “hand-off” between the cellular, 3G, or Wi-Fi networks happens automatically without dropping the call.

Think about the cost reduction opportunities here. How many mobile phones do you manage in your business? What if you could significantly reduce the mobile plans on each phone? What about employees whom travel internationally? What if they could become a SIP VOIP endpoint to your PBX and completely avoid international roaming? Do the math, it could be a lot.

Perhaps it’s enough savings to allow you to start migrating away from that tank of a legacy PBX to VOIP. Notice I said “migrate” and not “forklift”. Inflow Communications can integrate a VOIP phone system platform to your legacy PBX, deploy mobile integration to your smart phone users, provide Unified Communications tools to all your employees (regardless of what phone system they’re on), and we can do it at a pace that makes the most sense for your organization.

We’re happy to do a free technical and economic analysis / design for you.

Beyond incredible savings and a very quick ROI, ShoreTel’s mobility solution offers a lot of features. Tune into my next blog to learn more.

Travis Dillard is the President of Inflow Communications. Inflow Communications is a Portland, Oregon-based company that designs, deploys, and supports enterprise-class VOIP, business phone systems, and Unified Communications solutions to businesses throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.